Each year RHS PTSA looks for input from RHS staff, parents, students, and community. The PTSA seeks recommendations in identifying exceptional advocates and volunteers within our school community. Awards are presented to honorees at RHS in several award categories.

Recommendations can be sent to the RHS office addressed to “PTSA Awards” or you may email recommendations to The nomination form can be found here.  Please note that you may nominate more than one person for each award.

The Golden Acorn* award is given to a person who has given exemplary volunteer service to children and youth in our school community. This award consists of a gold pin in the shape of an acorn, a special certificate and a contribution of $65.00 in that person’s name to the Washington State PTA Financial Grant Foundation. The foundation provides scholarships each year to high school graduates entering college or vocational school.

Golden Mustang Award* is unique to the Redmond High School community. The recipient should be a positive role model for all students. It is someone that goes beyond their job description to encourage the success of our students, in turn making RHS a better place. The award is offered at the discretion of the Awards Committee and may not be awarded every year.

Outstanding Educator Award* is also offered by the Washington State PTA to recognize individuals who go beyond the normal expectations of their jobs to make the learning environment fun, beneficial and challenging. A pin and certificate are awarded, as well as a donation to the State PTA Scholarship Foundation.

Outstanding Advocate Award* Established in 2004, this award recognizes and honors individuals for their advocacy work on behalf of children and youth. An outstanding advocate could be a PTA grassroots advocate, teacher, assistant, administrator, or community member.

Outstanding Student Advocate Award* recognizes students who have made significant contributions through leadership and service in their school and the RHS community.

Honorary Life Membership Award* recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly over time to the growth and development of PTA at the local unit, council, or state level. This honor is awarded at the discretion of the RHS PTSA Awards Committee and may not be awarded every year.

*These awards consist of a gold pin, a special certificate, and a contribution of $65.00 in the winner’s name to the Washington State PTA Financial Grant Foundation. The foundation provides scholarships each year to high school graduates entering college or vocational school.





2005 Robin Roberts 
2006 Marilyn Hargraves & Deb Becker
2007  Sharon Fulkerson
2008 Susan Katris & George Janneusch
2009 Pam Hopp & Karen Monier
2010 Lloyd Higgins & Andy Robertson
2011 Ruth Barton & Richard Wharf
2012  Paul Mullen
2013 Pam Summa & Bob Holmes
2014 Grace Lawrence
2015 Nicole Wiebe
2016 Robert Holmes
2017 Diane Lindquist & Steve Wiebe
2018 Susan Lindsay & Vicki Krum


1995 Marilyn Wilson & Judy Hontz 
1996 Al Kovatz & Lisa Tracy
1997 Jolynn Woods & Lynn Heitzfaf
1998 Cheryl Dennis & Doris Townsend
1999 Andy Robertson, Jan Clark & Kevin McCalish
2000 Sharon Fulkerson, Sandy Hargraves & Lynette Brivitt
2001 Jeff Sundae & Denise Oury
2002 Teresa Harvey & Fayette Radoll
2003 Carol Kosher & Robin Roberts
2004 George Jannuesch & Nick Corvelle
2005 Pete Saxby
2006 Terri Blier
2007 Barb Nappen
2008 Joanne Hall
2009 Jeff Larsen & John Appelgate
2010 Inez Mobley & Lois Hiskey
2011 Anne Johnston
2012 Kalpana Gilroy
2013 Susan Seabrooks & Peter LaFond
2014 Sheila Zambrowsky
2015 Javier Berrios & Lisa Seeley
2016 Vicki Krum & Tobey Casey
2017 Desiree Michael & Lesly Lam
2018 Pat Tschumper


2006 Lisa Tracy
2009 Melinda Wilson
2012 Shelley Flores
2014 Matt Loschen
2015 Julie Haase
2018 Vicki Krum & Nicole Wiebe


2005 Deb Becker
2006 Maynard Garrity
2007 Cathy Michaelis
2008 Doug Kimball
2009 Jeannine Ewing
2010 Sandy Hargraves
2011 Kate Allender
2012 Kate Atvars & Rob Noteboom
2013 Alison Kairis & Jennifer Mauck
2014 Holly Applegate & David Peabody
2015 Paula Ferguson & Robert Miller
2016 Paul Osborne
2017 Samuel Kuyper & Andrew Robertson
2018 Jeff Gehring


2008 Mike Town
2009 Melissa Pointer
2010 Shelley Zimmerman
2011 Tracy Hoien & Jane Todd
2012 Ellen Zambrowkski-Huls
2013 Dan Handschin
2014 Ruth Schemmel
2015 "Para-educators Dream Team": Pam Drake, Pam Hopp, Nicole Shoalwater, & Mario Montgomery
2016 Beth Sigall & Jennifer Martinson
2018 Alison Kairis & Alisa Zemke


2012 Kara Chambers
2013 Shelby Albrecht
2014 Julia Doherty
2016 Charlie Pangborn