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Question #1 -- Is it possible for student laptops to be enabled for wider internet access? More learning resources are needed like YouTube for students to grasp concepts being taught as well as enrichment. Students need internet access on the school computer so they are not asking parents for other home technology to use for learning. As a parent I would be willing to accept monitoring responsibilities for appropriate content for my student. Maybe this unlocking access could be on a case by case basis with a waiver?
Answer: We understand that there are internet sites and platforms that students may find useful when working on school assignments. However, by law, school districts must adhere to a very high bar around approving student use of those sites/platforms, due to safety and privacy concerns. If a parent wants to give their student permission to use these sites on a home device, of course that would be the parent’s decision to make. When vendors update their platforms to adhere to federal student and privacy protection laws, the district’s practice is to determine alignment with standards and grade level content before making those sites available to staff and students.
Questions #2 -- Who is the new volleyball coach and is there a person of color on the hiring committee?
Answer: We have not yet convened a committee or hired for this opening. At the time that we start this process, we will follow the LWSD hiring practice for convening a committee, screening candidates, and recommending a candidate to HR for hire. One of our district and building goals is to hire a diverse staff, in both academics and athletics, and to this end, we try to diversify interview committees.
Question #3 -- Follow-up to question #1 from Week of May 3, 2020 "Coffee with the Principal" column: what law is it that requires school districts to "adhere to a very high bar around approving student use of those sites/platforms, due to safety and privacy concerns." Thanks.
Answer: Our LWSD Technology department adheres to three major laws that govern the protection and privacy of students. They are the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), the Children’s Online Privacy & Protection Act (COPPA), and the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
Question #4 -- Do you have information about summer classes in the District?
Answer: We do not have information about Summer School options at this time, but as soon as there is an update from the District, we will be sharing that information with families.
Question #5 -- My student has 7 classes and about 14 different systems she has to log into to receive, complete and turn in work. Is the district working to simplify technology?
Answer: The District has worked to maintain teacher/class use of our existing platforms (PowerSchool Learning, Outlook email) and added the use of Classroom Teams to give teachers and students an interactive, “real-time” way to communicate. There are some subject areas that use additional programs like Big Ideas Math, Web Assign, or AP Classroom. These are programs that are already designed for online or remote use and have been used all year with students in classes. We are hoping to provide options and flexibility to students and teachers in terms of the resources that are available and the opportunities they have to connect. If you would like to reach out to me directly with specifics, I would be happy to talk more with you about your daughter’s experience.
Question #6 General Response -- if a family has questions or concerns about the work or collection of work in a specific class, the first step is always to reach out to the teacher directly. All teachers have their contact information posted to their PowerSchool Learning homepage. If you would like to discuss concerns with your student’s counselor or grade-level administrator, please contact them:
RHS Admin Team:
  • Mr. Rob Jones – 9th grade, 12th grade (A-G) (to email click here)
  • Dr. Colette Roche – 10th grade, 12th grade (H-O) (to email click here)
  • Mr. Andrew Hosford – 11th grade, 12th grade (P-Z) (to email click here)
  • Ms. Trina Gilday – Dean of Students (to email click here)
RHS Counselors:
  • Ms. Kimberly Herring (A-CAL)
  • Ms. Lindsey Hanson (CAM-FAP)
  • Ms. Niklol Lalas (FAR-HUL)
  • Ms. Molly Schwarz (HUM-LOO)
  • Ms. Katie Bunyard (LOP-MIK)
  • Ms. Ellen Zambrowsky-Huls (MIL-RAP)
  • Ms. Justine Oshiro (RAR-SUR)
  • Ms. Alisa Zemke (SUS-Z)
Question #7 -- Many of my daughter's friends are thrilled to hear that they will get all As simply for passing classes this semester.  However, do you have any words of advice or encouragement for my kid who just gave up? She has worked so hard to have a nearly perfect GPA. Now she doesn't know why she should make the effort and learning has essentially ceased. She is saying, "why bother?" and honestly, I don't know how to direct her.  Please help.
Answer: This is a challenging question to answer without more specifics.  We know that it’s been very tough on students to find that intrinsic motivation without the structure of the school day or the in-person contact with teachers.  But, every time a student is able to engage with a teacher, with course content, or with an assignment, that student is laying another brick in the foundation of their future.  I’m going to guess that a student with a nearly perfect GPA is someone who works hard in school and has big goals for her future.  It can be helpful to revisit those goals and remember that what we’re doing now is still valuable, even if the instruction and grading look different.  Also, next year, students will enroll in the next grade’s classes, and we want them to be as ready as possible for that next level of rigor and expectation.  I am happy to talk with you directly, if that would help, and certainly, you can reach out to your daughter’s teachers, her counselor, and her grade-level administrator.  We are all here to help!
Question #8 -- Is there a plan to have students pick up items they may have left in school & gym lockers?
Answer: Gym shirts left there over the summer will be very smelly by the Fall. We have been working to create those plans, and they were shared in the May 30 RHS Bulletin. Please remember to bring a bag for any items that need to be retrieved from PE lockers. Let us know if you have additional questions!
Question #9 -- Since senior events like sunset, send off and grad night are canceled, can we make a poster or yard sign for seniors and give it to them as souvenir?
Answer: Graduating seniors will receive commemorative items in a bag during the diploma distribution on June 11th and June 12th.  Details were shared in the May 30 RHS Bulletin.