Welcome our 2022-23 PTSA Board!

Board of Directors

President: Branda Andrade
Secretary: Roo Hall
Treasurer: Felice Nightengale
Vice President of FACE: Amanda Salinas Bennett
Vice President of Communications: Judy Kaethler
Vice President of Hospitality: Lisa Frost
Vice President of Membership: Neeta Check
Vice President of Student Programs: Meredith Cain
Vice President of Sustainability: Satin Brennan
Vice President of Volunteers: Pam McBain
Vice President of Ways and Means: Rebecca Mitchell



ACT/SAT Prep Chair: Rahda Dalvi
Advocacy Chair: OPEN
Beautification Chair: Elizabeth Christian
Emergency Preparedness Chair: Vincent Bersagol
Art Fair Chair: Elizabeth Christian
Reflections Chair: OPEN
Senior Scholarships Chair: OPEN
Senior Grad Night Chair: OPEN
Senior Send Off Chair: OPEN
Special Needs Chair: OPEN
Staff Appreciation/School Events Chair: OPEN
RHS Help/Pantry Packs Liaison: Pam McBain


Open Volunteer Positions

Adult Education Coordinator: OPEN
Affinity Programs Coordinator: OPEN
Budget Committee: OPEN (Appointed by March)
Environmental Programs Liaison: OPEN
External Grant Writer: OPEN
Internal Grants Committee: +2 OPEN
Language Community Liaison: OPEN
LWPTSA Scholarship Basket Coordinator: OPEN
Pass the Hat Fundraising Coordinator: OPEN
PTSA Volunteer Awards Committee: OPEN (Appointed in January)
Standards and Awards Coordinator: OPEN


Incoming 2023-2024 RHS PTSA Board

Congratulations our new PTSA Board for the 2023-2024 School Year. At our April General Membership meeting, the membership elected/re-elected the following Board for next year:

President: Branda Andrade
Secretary: Roo Hall
Co-Treasurer: Peggy Mankus Joanou
VP Communications: Michelle Jeans
VP FACE: Amanda Salinas Bennett
VP Hospitality: Tracey Gauthier
VP Student Programs: Meredith Cain
VP Sustainability: Satin Brennan
VP Membership: Neeta Check
VP Volunteers: Judy Kaethler
VP Ways and Means: OPEN
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