RHS PTSA 2021-2022 Budget

The budget, approved by membership in June 2021, continues the overall reduction in income and expenses of the 2020-2021 year. Our fundraising goal, inclusive of matching funds, for our main fundraisers (Pass the Hat, Holiday Bazaar, Staff Appreciation) is about $35,000. Amounts raised in excess of our goal will be directed toward programs and projects that support our school community.


Our expenses are categorized by Administration, Committees & Programs, and Projects. Administration includes items like our annual business license fee, postage, printing, and insurance. Committees & Programs are Family & Community Engagement, Advocacy, Awards, Senior Sendoff, Hospitality, Reflections, Staff Appreciation, Sustainability, Communications, the LW PTSA Council Scholarship Basket, Emergency Preparedness, Scholarships, and Senior Events. Projects include Grants for Health/PE Speakers, a grant to RHS Help, and School/Classroom Grants. Our budgeted expenses for this year about $36,000.


We also provide a drug and alcohol free event for Seniors following graduation. This event is a stand alone event and is not included in the income and expenses listed above. To help supplement the costs not covered by the student ticket purchases the Grad Night committee typically holds a Pie Day pie fundraiser on or around March 14th each year. Grad Night is not supported by general membership funds.


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